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“A Young Mother’s Day…”

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Story of a friend…

“Things have been rather busy today. I thought I had the time for a shower when Gabriel was sleeping and took a quick one, but when I got out a few minutes later he was awake and crying. He’s thrown up in his bassinet once, had many hiccup fits (one of which is happening as I type), and two poops. One was normal, the other just wouldn’t stop coming out. Luckily I’m a quick learner and know to have a diaper that doesn’t fit him under him when I’m cleaning up poo. That way if he keeps on going it just goes into another diaper. Since Rob left for work I think he’s slept a total of 5-10 minutes. *sigh* Being a Mom is very hard work. He’s chilling out and hiccuping in his bassinet right now so I thought I’d come on here before another screaming fit comes on. I really hope he takes a nap for a little bit, it’s 1:53pm and I haven’t had any time to eat yet today. Lunch would be nice but it’s not possible time wise unless he’s sleeping.”


Being a Mom is a little struggle.


…Is that a big one?

But the little struggle become less and lesser when you find yourself in this moments of joy… All the love in the world is from a Mom to his lovely baby!


See your cutie ball in this scene…

*sigh* I’m waiting to be someone wise’s wife and being a Mom of our children.

Yeah. A wise man’s wife. That would be nice, I guess.

Excellent meet excellent would be nice too.

Ok… Being a wise and excellent man’s wife, having great and lovely children….


And being The Incredibes?

…Like this?


Anyway, before that happens…

I need to be a cinderella whom be loved by a prince.


Someday my prince will come…