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Saturday, July 4, 2009

[#3: 10+ Ways To Get A Guy Ask You Out]

So you like him. Call it a crush, butterflies in the stomach or love at first sight, bottom line – you like him. Now the question is how do you get HIM to like YOU enough to ask you out? There is no sure-fire formula. But do not despair!

Here are 10 easy suggestions for you to experiment with and Cupid will do the rest!

1. Be yourself …

Few things put a man off as much as artifice. So if you are talking louder or laughing or smiling more than you normally do, ease up. It may actually backfire. (this is the one of 5 Common First Date Mistakes)

2. Extend this point to external appearances too …

If you are uncomfortable with very short skirts, high heels and dramatic make-up stay clear of them. A natural look and one that you are comfortable with, is very attractive.

3. Accentuate your advantages …

Instead of killing your confidence by following uncomfortable fashion trends, look exquisite by just accentuating your physical advantages. Whether the most beautiful thing about you is your height, your complexion, your eyes or anything else, draw attention to it with flattering clothes and make-up.

4. Take the initiative …

Shrinking coy violets rarely get noticed. So don’t wait the entire evening praying fervently that he will talk to you. Do it first. Smile or say hello to him. Your confidence will disarm him.

5. Leave small gates and windows open …

After you have surmounted that initial wall, leave small gates and windows open. Respond to him physically and verbally with frequent glances and smiles, commenting on the topics and statements he makes and laughing at his jokes. He will realize that you are interested in him.