“Hhhh… Life.”

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Work in association rather than alone: you’ll be clearly more efficient this way. No pecuniary worries to be expected. You’ll have so brilliant ideas that it would be a pity not to exploit them. Show diplomacy in your relationships with your acquaintances and close circle; thus you’ll avoid many misunderstandings and disagreements. Excellent day for achieving a marriage project or going on honeymoon.

If others refuse your friendships, you can do nothing else for the moment than to wait. In your family, the atmosphere will risk being electric if you don’t succeed in controlling yourself and remaining unruffled. Beware of a trap which might be set for you, or of a promise, an engagement which people might try to extort from you. Be thrifty, don’t finance a venturesome undertaking.

Things have changed a lot in a relationship — but don’t make any hasty decisions. If you’re just getting back into a relationship that has been on hold or on the backburner, today you might start to wonder if going back was the right decision. Things have changed a lot more than you realized, and it might feel like you two might not make it. But you should give this thing some more time. It’s way too soon to make such a drastic decision. Have a talk with the other person involved and see what they think. You’re probably on the same page.


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