“You May Cry Me A River…”

Thursday, July 10, 2008

But… Just Don’t Dry Your Eyes!
modified from an article by Bridget Nelson (RD Asia – September 2007)

Sunnyeyes012b Got red, stinging eyes? You may have dry eyes syndrome. It’s caused by everything from contacts to rosacea, and can lead to impaired vision and eye infection, says Dr Robert Latkany, author of The Dry Eye Remedy. Ease the pain :

1. Eat fish

In a study, women who ate tuna two or more times a week had decreased symptoms. Fish oil
supplements also help.

2. Rest your eyes at TV commercials

Blinking produces tears, but when you stare at the screen, you blink less.

3. Give up contacts

…until your doc says it’s OK.

4. Get enough sleep

As you snooze, the film coating your eyes is replenished. Skimping cheats your eyes of the process.


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  1. Tahnks for posting

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